About Us

Our Gift Shed concept specializes in high quality, stylish gift items, a gift wrapping station and greeting cards for every special season and occasion all year round. No matter what your budget is, Gift Shed has something for everyone, giving you the perfect inspiration to show your appreciation. For whoever you are buying it, we’ve got some great ideas to help you put a smile on their faces. Gift Shed’s been striving for being one of the most creative hubs in Doha while fully supporting the cultivation of arts and designs through Workshops such as:

  • Embroidery
  • Calligraphy
  • Painting
  • Origami
  • Push-pin
  • Doodling

Our Story

‘Once upon a time, in a back garden not so far away, there was a little wooden garden shed. This humble shed was lovingly turned into a personal little hideaway - a small creative space to dream and explore the love for arts and crafts. A space where beautiful and thoughtful handmade gifts could be created for loved ones, or gifts be wrapped so beautifully that they would put smiles on the faces of those receiving them. This space was ours, our own little happy place. As more family and friends began asking how they too could create their own little creative sanctuary and be taught how to make and do the things we were creating, especially as we could not find thoughtful gifts in the local retail market at the time, we began to wonder how we could share this with more people. And so, within this little shed of ours, a big dream was born, and Gift Shed came to life.'
Hema Pathak Vara

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